Christmas Presentationing 2000

by Drekka



This album was another one release on CDR in a tiny 'gift edition' of 10 copies. It was compiled as a Christmas present to friends and people who had supported Drekka during a difficult time when I had just moved from Chicago to Bloomington and missed my friends there very badly.

It is also the closest thing to a Drekka gospel record, in a way... it seemed important to me at the time.

I am not entirely sure how I feel about this album now. It has some very nice parts, it is very heartfelt and genuine... but, it also has a lot of seams showing at the corners of the set.

But, in the spirit of transparency, posterity, and discographic completeness, we'll just put it out there and let you decide.

Besides, Douglas Tesnow's love of this album alone makes me feel it can't be that bad.

Download also contains the original hidden bonus track, 'love without sound without reason'... a remix by of the Drekka track 'love without sound' which Matt Waldron made for a 7" that never came out.


released December 25, 2000

Bluesanct (INRI061X)
• CDR = ltd to 10 copies
• DIGITAL = unlimited

digital re-release 07 February 2015


DREKKA tracks contained herein include:

1. thirty-three years is not a long time
2. psalm 42
3. A reminder
4. - 6. WIndowframe
....................I. fractured
....................II. possibilities
....................III. approximately 12 minutes
7. I will yet praise Him
8. we who are not lonely

everything by Michael Anderson, except:
1. Michael Anderson and Angel Busque
2. Michael Anderson, Kirstin Grieve, Douglas Tesnow,
....................Mark Trecka and Sarra Weuheusen
8. Michael Anderson, Kristin Grieve,
....................Mark Trecka and Sarra Weuheusen

secret thanks to James Crawford and Matt Waldron

tracks 4.-6. recorded live in Grand Rapids, MI 5.24.99
track 8 recorded live in Bloomington, IN 9.17.00

for info on anything, ask me.

c+p 2000 Bear's Friend's Music ASCAP

Happy Christmas to you, with peace, love, and appreciation
December 2000

This collection is presented in poverty and love to all who receive it.
Michael, December 2000.


all rights reserved



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