Force Over Distance

by static films



from the original press sheet:

often tagged as young blood, static films have been following an inspired and impassioned evolutionary path for the past seven years; that is seven years tucked tightly into the respective belts of singer/songwriter mark trecka and arranger/multi-instrumentalist douglas tesnow as well as an ever-revolving cast of players from cellists to walkie-talkie players to ten-piece choirs. having walked the paths of experimental tone construction and noise-rock freak-out through fields of folk and sincere poetics, static films seem to be
currently residing in a delicate location, cushioned on all sides by folk and soul, rock and blues, and an impassioned spirit that affords the most daring of methodologies.

seven years plus one record equals "force over distance," the debut full-length from static films. recorded at six different locations throughout three cities and over three years, "force over distance" somehow maintains a coherence and a unity that allows great albums to be more than just collections of songs. great variances in fidelity, energy and instrumentation, from the 11 plus minute guitar-and-voice opening track to the robert wyatt-leading-a-band-of-steet-musicians dirge-like "cave point park," "force over distance" is clearly a document of one particular period of time in the life of the collective creative mind behind it, and effectively brings along the elements of the many places visited in that time; the salt residue of the ocean brine, the red dust of the desert. there is a sense of faith in persistence and persistence of faith over great distances and emotional duress. it may well be the thesis statement of the record.

while holding a place among contemporaries such as the microphones, bright eyes, devendra banhart, entrance and others, static films harken to an older tradition of fusing rock and folk with soul and emotion in the ways of tim buckley, robert wyatt, simon and garfunkle, the beach boys or van morrison.

- Mark Trecka and Michael Anderson, JUN 2003

Download contains a PDF of the original artwork, and a copy of the original press sheet.


released October 7, 2003

Bluesanct (INRI062)
• CD = ltd to 1000 copies
• DIGITAL = unlimited

digital re-release 07 February 2015


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