Forcefields and Constellations

by Black Forest / Black Sea



from the original press sheet:

New Millenium Psyche... New Weird America... whatever you call it.

BLACK FOREST/BLACK SEA is a duo from Providence, RI, USA. They blur lines between free acoustic music and experimental glitch and touch on a wide range of psychedelic, avant, chamber and pop influences. Their performances are usually about fifty percent improvised, often building off of live instrumental loops created in real time.

"BLACK FOREST/BLACK SEA is primarily Jeffrey Alexander and Miriam Goldberg, an unusual folk styled duo who sound straightforward enough on first hearing, until something unexpected turns the simply plucked banjo song they are playing upside down. Backwards backwoods playing, electronic effects, a shortwave radio and some knob twiddling are all incorporated into their sound, which twists from traditional folk Americana to beatbox improv and back again. Nothing, however, is quite what it seems, and this constant sound shifting gives Alexander and Goldberg's musically metamorphic contribution to the New Weird America cult an edge over the competition. For BF/BS are genuinely strange." - The Wire, UK

Jeffrey and Miriam have been part of the Bluesanct family for a few years now, as members of THE IDITAROD. This is their second album as BF/BS, following 2003’s critically acclaimed (and sold out) self-titled debut on Last Visible Dog. They also appeared on and compiled the new Pearls Before Swine tribute CD on their own Secret Eye label (featuring Alastair Galbraith, Thurston Moore & Mike Watt, Bardo Pond, etc). Touring extensively in 2003 w/ Christina Carter, Fursaxa, and Glenn Donaldson saw them playing with everyone imaginable, incl. Landing, Microphones, Scorces, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Cerberus Shoal, Träd Gräs och Stenar, Comets On Fire, Cul de Sac, Brother Danielson, Bardo Pond, Nautical Almanac, etc.

This new CD features guest appearances by Christina Carter (Charalambides - Kranky Records), Glenn Donaldson (Blithe Sons - Jewelled Antler Collective, Family Vineyard), Fursaxa (Ecstatic Yod, Acid Mothers + ATP labels), and Kemialliset Ystävät (Fonal Recs).

RIYL: The Iditarod, Jackie O’Motherfuckers, Last Visible Dog, Magic Carpathians, Six Organs of Admittance, Sun City Girls, Vibracathedral Orchestra, or anything else on BlueSanct...

Download contains a PDF of the original presskit.


released April 6, 2004

Bluesanct (INRI076)
• CD = ltd to 500 copies
• DIGITAL = unlimited

digital re-release 15 February 2014

original liner notes:

BF/BS is Miriam Goldberg and Jeffrey Alexander.

Christina Carter plays guitar on 1 and 13. Glenn Donaldson plays bouzouki on 9. 4 contains a sample of “Lammikko” by Kemialliset Ystävät from Suurempi Pieni Palatsi. 8 contains a sample of “Circle Moon” by Fursaxa from The Cult from Moon Mountain. Lyrics in 3 from a poem by Gillian Goldberg.

4 contains live recordings from Free Space Gallery, Fitchburg, MA. 5 and 7 recorded live on WMBR, Cambridge, MA. 8 contains live recordings from Tone Vendor, Sacramento, CA. 9 recorded live on KDVS, Davis, CA and KFJC, Los Altos Hills, CA. 11 recorded live at Cultural Proving Ground, Troy, NY. 12 contains live recordings from Waldron Arts Center, Bloomington, IN. 3, 6, 8, 12 recorded and mixed at Steinert, Providence, RI. Else recorded and mixed at home.


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