Microcassette Quatrains

by Minmae



I don't remember clearly much of the past... esp. twenty years past. I remember I received a package from Sean Brooks, and it blew my mind. We corresponded and released each others music on Bluesanct and Sean's label, Airborne Virus. Sean would send me envelopes full of strange photos and collages from magazines. I would re-purpose them for his releases.

To this day, we have yet to meet in person.

Sean's original press release puts it all in perspective, from his side of the universe.

- Mkl, Apr 2019


Circa 1998. You're in San Diego, CA. Banker's Hill, where the old guard hobnobbed in the 30's before moving onto the greener pastures of La Jolla. You've secured yourself a flat at the Barcelona Apartments, with Willam Defoe lookalike, Howard Chalfa as your apartment manager. There's a picture of him at Off The Record, years before, the lone audience member standing behind Nirvana during an in-store. Ho goes way back. This is why he keeps all the "kids" up on the 4th floor; to protect them from other vehement anti-noise tenants, and to keep and eye on them himself, figuring that if they were anything like he was in his youth, that they probably were not good kids.

But you're a good kid, and you've just finished your 4track full-length, "Microcassette Quatrains." You borrowed the 4track from some guy down the street. Equipped with this, a digital delay pedal, a Squire Jagmaster and copious amounts of, let's say, "artistic substance," you're putting the finishing touches on the soon-to-be-released-cassette on BlueSanct. You don't have a TV. You never wanted one. Your bedroom doubling as a closet space, or the other way around. There isn't much save for a 30's era refrigerator, a stove, a bunch of postcards of a girl you've filed up on the wall, oh, and the records. The inspiration. How many times have you listened to Sebadoh's 'Freed Weed?' Or GBV's 'Alien Lanes?' How about that cool Grimble Grumble 10" or Hood's "Lee Faust's Million Piece Orchestra" or that Robyn Hitchcock live CD you found? These among others have given you new inspiration; new inspiration to create something, well, new, but also old. And you call yourself a neophyte because you still don't even know exactly what a CD burner does, let alone why you should have one. So a cassette release is more than fine by you.

2002. Portland, Oregon. It rains here a lot. You still don't have a CD burner but you're using one to re-master "Micro-Trains." Michael (BlueSanct figurehead) needs it tracked for the CD re-issue of the cassette. You notice the introduction (track 01) and you mention it to him. There's a tape dropout right into the first 2 minutes of the CD. You tell Michael you're going to start the fade in after that point because you think the dropout sounds bad. He reminds you that it sounds cool, that you should leave that dropout in there. He reminds you, indirectly, of the past.

And now you, dear listener, hold this CD. You love it or hate it. You opine positively or negatively. But you must know that is has history, that within it there is a story; of fate, of hope, of the future and of the past. 'Microcassette Quatrains' may have been born early, or maybe help up for four years before seeing the light of day, but no rust ever came upon it and no silver ever flaked from it as a result. It stands as resilient as it did ever so long ago in those 4th floor halls of the Barcelona (Howard Chalfa listening through the door).

- Minmae

Download contains PDFs of original booklet, artwork, and press sheet.


released February 14, 1999

Bluesanct (INRI046)
• (C-60) = ltd to 100 copies
• CD = ltd to 1000 copies (re-issue, 01 JUL 03 w/ bonus tracks)
• DIGITAL = unlimited



1. Perpetual Shift Introduction
2. Planes Will Crash
3. Canvas Called Retrospect
4. Sound Of One Hand Clapping
5. Minmae Opens Novella
6. Temperance
7. Wontonness
8. The Bastard
9. The Trouble Bear


10. Long Wave
11. Summertime w/ you
12. You're a Spider
13. How Union and Beach Used To Be
14. The Understatement Of The Month
15. The Man Who Fought For Speed

16. Poltergeist Over England
17. Macross Dub

Mastered by Mike Mogis, additional mastering by
S. Brooks and M. Anderson. 'Poltergeist'
mastering by J. Zepsy

Microtrains: recorded in 98 or 99 at Barcelona,
San Diego, under the watchful eye of one H.
Chalfa. Additional recording at [unreadable]
with J. Forest

Poltergeist Over England 7" mastered straight from
vinyl. The original masters were stolen in San

Recorded by E. Nielson and S. Brooks in mid
to late 90's by [unreadable] Bedrock, N. County.

This record would not be possible without:
Michael Anderson, Eric Cole, Jeff Forest, Howard
Chalfa, and Kathy Brooks. My sincerest thanks
goes out to them.

There's no future for England and the past has
come back to haunt you.


Short / long wave radio stolen from my dad.
Engineered by Eric Neilson, Yamaha PS Workstation
044 with additional keyboard sounds. Inspiration:
Dave Pearce.

For my grandmother and my mother

C+P Clairmount Theft Ring Music


all rights reserved



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