The Glinting Spade

by In Gowan Ring



from the original press sheet:

A word from our sponser:
Thrum-ta-ta-ta-tum... the muted drum marches. It is hard for me to describe In Gowan Ring, as I have loved their hushed vocals and dreamscape folk songs for over half a decade now. Their sound is not too far off the mark of some of their previous labelmates at World Serpent. Fans of Current 93, Nurse with Wound, or Legendary Pink Dots will find great affinity with In Gowan Ring's blend of tones ,folk tunes and bell-ringing tinkling.

But, I always though that they were being pigeon holed in their label stay with WSD. In Gowan Ring could just as easily be playing at Terrastock or with bands like godspeed you black emperor! or Mourning Cloak as with the Pink Dots. I hear in their music the most blissful blend of traditional European folk music and modern experimental tone constructs. As I grow more interested in bands like Incredible String Band, it becomes clearer to me why In Gowan Ring's music is so incredible. Their music has what Phil McMullen of Terrascope called 'everything I admire in terms of both music and spirituality.' Well said.

'The Glinting Spade', In Gowan Ring's third full-length release, was recorded over the last three years and mastered by Denis Blackman (Current 93, Talk Talk, etc...) this past spring. It is a powerful continuation of In Gowan Ring's melancholic, introspective music. Come sit a while and listen... It's very nice in the woods around here.
-Michael Anderson, August 1999.

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released November 1, 1999

Bluesanct (LUNE003)
• CD = ltd to 1000 copies
• DIGITAL = unlimited

digital re-release 21 February 2014

original liner notes:

The Glinting Spade

A BlueSanct Musak Recording
PoBox 14149
Chicago, IL 60614-0149

European distribution by
World Serpent Distibution
Unit 717 Seager Buildings,
Brookmill Road, London SE8 4HL

‘The Glinting Spade'
Composed and Conducted 1997/1998.
Released November of 1999.

B'eirth - Voice, Instruments, Fire & Chalice
Lincoln Lysager - Crystal & Water
Kendell Hall - Sackbut
Sheri Throop - Cornetto
Kendra Walton - Viola
Lorna Cobia - Church Organ
Rubin Clinger - Arrow & Bow

Premastering Assistance by David Adams
Mastering by Denis Blackham at Country Masters
Inlet and CD illustration by Oliver Robin Undine
Design Assistance by Shawn Taylor, JJ Cross and Darius
Leaves Courtesy Michael Abhaile Leaf

Graciously Facilitated by Michael Anderson, Miss Grieve,
Sabastian Clinger, Jesse Winters, Anthony Snow,
Secretly Canadian and World Serpent Distribution.

Guitar, Cittern, Harp, Psaltery, Zither, Organ,
Mouth harp, Horn, Drum & Timbrel, Flouts & Whistles,
Gongs, Bells, Sticks, and Oats.

Dawn McCarthy, Nils Frykdahl, Markus Wolff, MarionH, Thella Hess, Enrique Ugalde, Linda Nieminen, Carrie Murphy, Jenny Miller, Debra Rose, Alexander Foulger, Tom Middlen of Local Music, Brian & Dian Bagley, Edward & Silverman, Dawn & Kyle, Dragonflies & Seahorse, Mr Spot, and all at the Nursery.


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