There Should Be an Entry Here

by The Pilot Ships



from the original press sheet:

Low-impact, low-velocity, low (as in lonesome) nights, starry skies, cool breezes with the windows open. The Pilot Ships soundtrack days you wish didn't exist, but do it in an oblique way; presenting a hopeful face that hides inner pain. As does Carl Dreyer's Joan of Arc.

There Should Be An Entry Here, originally released in 1997, so wallowed in its obscurity that it proved that there was in fact no entry to be found. It is now being re-issued, following the success of The Pilot Ships’ second release, The Limits of Painting and Poetry (Bluesanct, 2000).

The haunting melodies of The Pilot Ships fade in and out of a landscape of musical collage. More traditional guitar and piano work are woven into an artistic ensemble of trauma and pain that is as
startling as it is comforting. The tonal explorations of composer Brian McBride (also of Stars of the Lid), adds something that is often missing from new genres of ambient rock. It’s an organic life so textured that it envelopes the chord progressions and lyrics producing a continuity between songs that makes this an album and not just a collection of songs. Upon this sonic foundation the ensemble of voices (Cheree Jetton, Chris Linnen, Michael Linnen, Brian McBride) produce an effect which is disarming, a depth of experience that suggests a great film that has never been written but plays out in between the lines of their lyric and graceful prose.

"To say the music contained on this album is understated would be an understatement. There should be an entry here is made up of beautiful songs that drip slowly out of the speakers like molasses. Instead of staying afloat, the Pilot Ships often seem submerged in a viscous fluid. Their music is tender and tentative, and it slowly gains emotional resonance through repetition. The band is made up of members of Texas bands like Stars Of The Lid, Monroe Mustang and the Angels, and the overall sound isn't indebted to any particular member of the other bands: the rock side of Monroe Mustang is played down, and the minimal soundscapes of SOTL aren't the main emphasis. The Pilot Ships could be linked to the slowly paced bands like Bedhead and Codeine, but their ultra-quiet aesthetic never brings them close to the more bombastic moments of these groups. 'Looked Over,' for example, ends the album with a virtually silent 20-minute soundscape sandwiched between quiet piano ballads. The most memorable songs are haunting, with quiet piano and vocals; this record is gothic in the true sense of the word. For those who desire less instead of more, There should be an entry here will be a treasured possession.

-Joshua Leeman, MAGNET MAGAZINE, 1997

Download contains a PDF of the original artwork, and original one-sheet.


released June 4, 2002

Bluesanct (INRI052)
• CD = ltd to ?? copies
• DIGITAL = unlimited

digital re-release 14 February 2015

original liner notes:

previously released as ata glance 005.

thanks b flaherty, j stout, m anderson.

© 1997 sunken music


all rights reserved



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