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I was staying at Morc HQ for a month in December 2006. A vacation, an escape from reality, a recording session for an album I still, in December 2012, has not completed.

I was planning on using Wim and Annelies' Tascam 8-track to record some Drekka material and to familiarize myself with the machine, I believe Annelies asked me to help do some production on a Remora cover she was working on ('Into the Sun').

I worked on that, as well as playing around with some of the tracks Annelies had been working on for her second full-length, 'Marit'.

As is a tradition with Day2, I decided to work out some special Drekka re-workings of the tracks for a birthday gift... birthday in the Morc dialect being 'verjaardag'. I did a handmade package for it, sewing photos to construction paper and whatnot. The Bluesanct 3" version contains photos of the original artwork.

I really, really love these tracks! Working with Wim and Annelies always brings out the best in me, be it live or in session.

In 2011, I decided to reprise the project, after finding files of the separated, unmixed tracks for 'Marit' on Nathan Vollmar's harddrive.

I have included these three 2011 tracks, along with an unreleased outtake -- 'Have you heard?' (Gv mix)-- and an alternate mix of 'Into the Sun' (Drekka mix).

All the songs are by Annelies Monseré, except 'Into the Sun' which is by Remora.

As far as I know, everything on these tracks was played by Annelies Monseré, Nathan Amundson, Jessica Bailiff, and myself.

I look forward to doing more Verjaardag tracks in the years to come... and maybe I'll even finish that Drekka album I started in Ghent six years ago!
- Mkl Anderson, December 2012

Download contains JPGs of the original front/back cover art for the 3" CDR edition from 2006.


released December 3, 2006

Bluesanct (INRI080)
• 3"CDR = first pressing ltd to 27 copies /
second pressing ltd to 50 copies
• DIGITAL = unlimited

digital re-release 10 December 2012


original 2006 liner notes:

Verjaardag 2006

- Like Yesterday (Drekka mix)
- Into the Sun (Drekka mix)
- I will lock you (4K mix)
- Like Yesterday (cello return)

Mixed Dec 01-03, 2006
at Morc HQ, Gent
by Michael Anderson

For Annelies, on her birthday
with love,

2011 liner notes:

Verjaardag 2011

- 7 (Drekka mix)
- Common Ground (Drekka mix)
- Have you heard? (Drekka mix)

Recorded, mixed and mastered 04 Dec 2011
at Bluesanct HQ
by Michael Anderson


all rights reserved



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